CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates)

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates)
Starts from: August 3, 2017 10:00AM - 11:30AM
Tk. 5,400/- Apply Now
Campus Location

In All Campuses of NIT,Bangladesh

Course Details
  • Course fee in Installment Tk. 9,000/=
  • Course fee at a time Tk. 5,400/-
  • Course Duration 3/6 Months
  • Total Marks 1200
  • Marks in Theory 500
  • Marks in Practical 600
  • Marks in Class Attendance 50
  • Marks in Discipline 50
Class Description

We suggest you to practice what you will learn in classes as much as you can by yourself at home. In this page you can see the course outline at a glace and the programs we will teach you during the course.

CCNA Theoretical Course Outline

  •   Introduction to Networking
  •   Network Types
  •   Network Media
  •   Switching Fundamental
  •   TCP/IP and OSI Model
  •   IP Addressing and Routing
  •   WAN Technologies
  •   Operating and configuring Cisco IOS Devices
  •   Managing your network environment
  •   Subletting and VLSN
  •   Switch and VLAN
  •   Router and various Protocols
  •   Access List
  •   NAT and PAT
  •   CCNA (Only Lab)
  •   Introduction to Cisco Router
  •   Configuring Cisco 2501 and 2610 from hyper terminal
  •   Cisco basic IOS and CLI commands
  •   IP Routing Process 1
  •   Introduction to different routing protocols
  •   Building Static Routing Table for large network
  •   Building Default Table for small network
  •   IP Routing Process 2
  •   Distance vector routing protocols and routing loops
  •   Understanding to RIP,IGP,EGP and BGP
  •   Configuring RIP from ISP point of view
  •   Network Advertisement
  •   IP Routing Process 3
  •   Configuring IGRP Routing
  •   BGP’s Basic Components
  •   Configuring BGP from ISP point of view
  •   BGP up and running
  •   Wide Area Network 1
  •   Understanding WAN basic components
  •   Understanding Asynchronous and Synchronous communication
  •   Understand DTE, DCE, CO, CPE, FXO, FXS, PSTN, ISDN/BRI, ISDN/PRI and E1 and T1
  •   WAN Protocols
  •   Installation of Modem in Cisco 2511
  •   Wide Area Network 2
  •   Understanding PPP and its components
  •   Configuring PPP in Cisco 2511
  •   PAP and CHAP Authentication
  •   PPP Callback
  •   Setup PPP between local router and remote router
  •   Wide Area Network 3
  •   Understanding Frame Relay
  •   Understanding PVC,DLCI and LMI and Frame Relay Topologies
  •   Split horizon problems and create sub interfaces
  •   Complete setup Frame Relay with Loral Cyber star via agilla-2
  •   Frame Relay Mapping
  •   Frame Relay Debugging
  •   Cisco Firewall, NAT and PAT
  •   Standard and Extended IP Access Lists
  •   Network Address Translation
  •   Port Address Translation
  •   NAT Terminology
  •   How NAT Works
  •   NAT Traffic Types
  •   V.Sat Installation How to
  •   Introduction to different sat modem handshaking parameters
  •   Introduction to 350Mbs Internet Exchange
  •   Sat. Modem and ODU Configuration.