**The circular for admission in NIT (Technical Category) has been published on page 7 Daily Bangladesh Pratidin, on page 3 Daily Manabzamin , Sunday, 17th September 2023 in the notice board. The last date of admission in Batch No. 38, is 21th September, 2023.

Higher Diploma In Computer Hardware and Software Engineering

Higher Diploma In Computer Hardware and Software Engineering
Starts from:Wed, August 2, 2017 1:00AM - 2:00AM
Tk. 9,300 Apply Now
Campus Location

In All Campuses of NIT,Bangladesh

Course Details
  • Course fee in Installment Tk. 15,000/-
  • Course fee at a time Tk. 9,300/-
  • Course Duration 1 Year
  • Total Marks 2300
  • Marks in Theory 1000
  • Marks in Practical 1200
  • Marks in Class Attendance 50
  • Marks in Discipline 50
Class Description

We suggest you to practice what you will learn in classes as much as you can by yourself at home. In this page you can see the course outline at a glace and the programs we will teach you during the course.

Basic Hardware and Software (Level-1)

  •   Computer Fundamentals
  •   Operating System
  •   DOS/Windows (All Version)
  •   Introduction to Computer Hardware
  •   Computer Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
  •   PC Tools
  •   Norton Commander
  •   Norton disk doctor
  •   Toolkit
  •   Antivirus
  •   Project

Basic Hardware and Software (Level-2)

  •   Discuss Internal & External Device
  • Card Device

  •   Display Card, Sound Card, TV Card & Etc
  • Storage Device

  •   RAM, ROM, Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Floppy Disk Drive, CD Drive
  •   Idea of computer Internal Function
  •   Computer Assembling (Processor, Power Supply, RAM, Rechargeable Battery, Floppy Drive, Hard Disk, CD ROM, Jumper Setting)
  •   Norton Commander
  •   BIOS Setup
  •   Hard Disk Partition
  •   Operating System Loading/Installation
  •   Software Installation
  •   Computer Hardware & Software Trouble Shooting

  •   Computer Assembling & Dissembling
  •   (Processor, Power Supply, RAM, Rechargeable Battery, Floppy Drive, Hard Disk, CD ROM, Jumper Setting & Others device)
  • Software Installation

  •   Office, Graphics, System Utility & Anti virus. Software & Etc
  • Drive Installation

  •   VGA/AGP, Sound, TV, Printer, Scanner & Others Drive
  •   Computer Hardware Repairing on: (Mother Board, Power Supply, Hard Disk, FDD, CD ROM Drive.)

  •   Introduction to Computer Hardware
  •   Hardware Trouble Shooting
  •   File System & Classification
  •   Hard Disk Partition & Maintenance
  •   Electricity, Electronics, signal, Bus System
  •   Hardware Repairing & Replacing: Monitor, HDD, CD ROM, Power Supply, Printer, Monitor
  • Drive Installation

  •   Internal LAN Card, Internal Modem, Internal TV Card & Etc.
  •   Use of external LAN Card
  •   Use of external Modem Card
  •   Use of external TV Card & Etc.
  •   Creating Dial-up Internet System
  •   Creating E-mail Address
  •   E-mail Check, E-mail Receive Send
  •   Web Browsing, Downloading
  •   Server Installation:Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Server
  •   Networking
  •   Internet Level -1
  •   New Technology
  •   Project